Chain link fence

Chain link fence. Cyclone fencing, also known as chain wire or wire mesh, is a woven material made from galvanized steel wire. The border pattern is oblique because the wires are driven vertically and bent to form a jig jag pattern.

The history of this type of structure originates from the United Kingdom, in the 1840s an organization called Bernard, Bishop and Bernard built a fence on a machine. The fence they actually built was a loom type machine used in the textile industry.

The chain link fence comes in different sizes depending on the country you live in but in the United States for example the fence will usually come in 50 foot rolls. There is a good range of sizes from 3 feet to 12 feet, although it is possible to build fences at higher altitudes. There are also different types of gauges or thicknesses for chain link travel and the most common would be 9.11 and 11.5,

This type of fence is very popular because it is easier to install and lower cost. You will see chain links in industrial buildings, tennis courts, playgrounds and much more.

If you are installing a chain link fence, you must first place the posts on the ground to attach the fence. The posts you need will depend on the settings but usually they will be of wood, concrete or steel and should be set in concrete. The posts should not be more than 10 feet apart, but it must depend on where you are building the fence and how big the fence needs to be. Once the posts are made, the fence is attached to one end and the length of the fence is extended. Any extra fence can be easily removed by unscrewing a wire.

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