5 types of fences

A spiral iron, chain link or wooden fence has the potential to benefit the home in a variety of ways. Beyond the ability to improve the exterior of the home, it can also greatly improve privacy and security at all levels. Here are some popular types of fencing:


Aluminum is one of the most attractive and basic types of fencing. It is easily styled to give the desired look and can also be made to look like other fences. It’s virtually free for maintenance, but not the most powerful option but not the most effective for homeowners with protection at the top of the list. It is easily renovated by decorating or painting. Also, it may not be a practical option for those who feel the mantra of severe weather in the region.


Wood is a popular type of fence and it not only looks extremely attractive, but gives a high degree of privacy across the boundaries of the property. It is well priced and can make the outdoor space feel warm and welcoming. However, the size and height of the fence can greatly affect the cost of purchasing and installing. The wood is likely to last a long time on the trip but the condition is that it is a high quality and durable wood.


The most expensive option for yard fencing is made of PVC. While this serves the real purpose of delimiting the property, it is not the easiest option. However, PVC is very effective in standing up against materials and has the ability to last a long time. It is made in different colors and heights to easily complement other landscapes.

Wrought iron

The Pera iron fence is one of the most beautiful and powerful and can be finished with lots of fun designs. However, it does not require much maintenance to maintain its attractive appearance. This fence usually needs to be repainted every three or four years. Also, these types of fences are often made to order but are more likely to be cheaper.


Vinyl is a popular choice for a variety of reasons. A major quality is the reason for the high durability and it is about 5 times stronger than the alternative wood fence. This fence is easy to clean and maintain. It is also resistant to painting which makes it easy to wash away unwanted stains and even graffiti.

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