A deer fence can be the perfect outdoor family dog ​​fence solution

Winter finally took possession of it. You and your dogs are shivering with “cabin fever”. However, you are not alone at home. Bits from the forest, even pets around you, would love to tramp and camp-out your property. The solution? Low impact, environmentally safe, visually separate perimeter deer fence.

6 great reasons to install a deer fence this year

* Economic. At more than 00 1.00 per linear foot, plastic fence materials provide you with a practical and low-cost fencing solution to keep your critics safe … inside … and beyond where they are.

* Virtually invisible. Produced in plastic fences, colored black and long continuous rolls … distinctive 1 “- 2” squares … meant virtually invisible! A deer fence is “mixed” with your environment. You keep all your natural perspectives … and your neighbors don’t complain.

* Long life or rust. Environmentally protected, earth-friendly, low-impact fencing can give you 20 years or more of reliable fence protection. High density, impact resistant plastic fences will not show rust stains like metal fences.

* General installation. Lightweight rolls of flexible, easy-to-use, mixed plastic fences are a cinch for you and your partner to install on a weekly vacation. Even the heavy gauge 200-foot plastic deer fence roll weighs just 50 pounds … un-rolls are easy. A comparative roll of chain-link fence can weigh up to 150 pounds … and think of ‘kinks’ and irrational metal fasteners!

* One height solution – the way to install your deer fence. How high or low should your fence be? Here’s the easy solution! Choose a 7 foot high plastic fence while having your height preferences from 5 feet above. Why? If your property is not pancake-flat, you will have natural height rise and bloom … rocks … shrubs … trees or other irregular features. A 7-foot plastic fence gives you a substantial height “above the ground” and a reserve of about 12 inches or more “lying flat on the ground” is a reserve you will use to protect the fence from animal digging.

Adds fun new use living on your property. Surprise! Your fence creates new living space. Add a water bottle-dish to your cookies … Consider creating a 1-step-up platform 8-foot x 8-foot … Find your family dome tent with bug screens and you’ll have a great new outdoor house Made for the whole family.

“Downside” Argument Against Deer Fences – 4 Considerations

* Annual maintenance. Your fence needs annual maintenance … in most cases to make sure your spots are protected from the ground … or tree branches don’t come down and tear holes in your fence … or “bersey” ground hogs or rabbits or dogs under your fence line Does not dig an “access” hole.

* Corner bracing and anchor-securing may “loosen”. While initially easy to install, plastic fencing requires the right amount of “tensioning” during installation. Yes, you can simply nail the plastic fence material to posts or trees … but if you do not anchor your corner posts properly, you will be severely damaged in the spring. You can wake up with a shaking fence.

* Tear repair, hole break. Unlike metal fences, which can last for decades, your plastic fence is at risk for heavy tree parts or even vandalism. The result? Cut off parts of your fence … dig up new replacement brace posts … and then zip the fasteners to re-pull your fence.

* Passive non-fencing solutions for real deer. Are you the type who doesn’t want any heavy lifting, and you actually have wild deer on your property? Alternatives to plastic fences? You can always choose from a range of liquid fence repellent products, which you spray on your property … creating fragrant harmful fences.

The last row. All weights. Fencing gives you a combination of cost savings, low impact, environmental protection and protection for your pet … but you need to do something to get the benefits.

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