Relevance and advantage of technology in our daily lives

What is the definition of technology? The dictionary definition of technology is:
1. Application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry (ie advances in computer technology)
2. Machines and equipment developed by applying scientific knowledge.
3. Branch of knowledge dealing with engineering or applied sciences.
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The misconception about using technology is that it encourages laziness, but in fact, the way we use technology determines whether or not we succeed. Technology does not drive someone to be innovative, but opportunities. Technology only enables the innovations that our opportunities have revealed, becoming a driver for improving our lives. Without movement or opportunity, technology becomes irrelevant. It is up to us to discover the relevance.
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There is a greater belief that using technology for children is a distraction and does more harm than good. Nowadays, the number of children who have access to the Internet is high at all times. Using this to our advantage can be very helpful in educating a child. There are more options than you can count on e-learning websites for computers and apps for devices that help your child develop. Children are more likely to stay focused while playing a game than listening to adults explain a lesson. Children with a small attention span can become more comprehensive when involved in an interactive lesson with bright colors and consistent encouragement.
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Technology can bring benefits to multiple barriers. Marketing is one example. Online marketing has jumped sharply from the development of tablets and mobile phones. Research has become simpler with handheld devices, and telephone directories or encyclopedias have become almost non-existent in our daily lives. Creating articles and hyperlinks that help promote business has become the number one way in the market due to the ease of typing the desired information into the search bar and pressing ‘search’. Another advantage of using technology is in the workplace. Using a computer instead of paper and pen can greatly reduce the amount of human error and save a lot of time and money on correcting errors. Human errors can be caused by stress, heavy workload or excessive responsibility. It also increases the means of communication, which means that a larger volume can be broadcast in a shorter period of time.
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Medical technology is another area that has further improved patient care. The time spent on medical records and diagrams is reduced, and the result is more time to care for patients. Doctors and nurses can easily access a patient’s medical history or medication history, which can lead to faster diagnoses or treatments.
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Did the world exist and remain functional before technology was invented? Absolutely. The problem is not that we cannot live without technology. The problem is that the improvements and advances in technology in the world far outweigh the shortcomings and difficulties it may have caused.
Technology is not said to have become the most important tool during a child’s educational well-being, marketing strategy, engineering tactics, etc .; or even that technology is ‘needed’ to function in this century, but wouldn’t you say that the opportunity to achieve something bigger or more innovative is worth the risk?