What is

This is the Ipv4 address. IPv4 is the fourth revision of the Internet Protocol and the first revision of the protocol widely used. Due to the limited number of IP addresses in the IPv4 protocol, the private range was invented. Private bandwidth allows devices to assign IP addresses within a single network. It is worth noting here that these ranges are not rutable, ie. will not work outside the local network. It is possible to change the default IP address on your router to any other IP address from the private range that will better suit the rest of the network., just like any other IP, uses many ADSL and cable modems or routers as the default IP. This is designed to circumvent the lack of IPv4 addresses. Manufacturers who use this IP address as the default IP address for their devices include:

– Internet gateways with Cayman / Motorola Netopia
– Thompson Speedtouch ADSL routers
– Westell ADSL modems
– Hawaii ADSL routers
– 3Com broadband routers
– A certain model of cheap Chinese TP-Link routers
– Alcatel ADSL modems
– SRW2023 Linksys switches
– ADSL billions of routers does not work

It often happens that you find that your router or IP address does not respond for one reason or another. This can be due to a number of reasons, which you must look for when you have problems accessing the control interface with your default address Try the items below first to resolve the issue before contacting your professional hardware technicians for assistance.

– Make sure you have entered the correct IP address in the browser, ie
– Try resetting the router.
– Check that all power cords are damaged and check that they are properly connected to the outlet.
– Like power cords, your network cables should be in good condition and properly connected. Check for loose joints or damage.
– Make sure your computer is resetting or not.
– Check that the connectors on your UTP cables are not damaged. Damaged connectors will disconnect local connections.
– Check if the local connection on your computer is enabled or not.
– Check the firewall settings. Some firewall applications may block access to the default IP address.
– If you are on a network where one or more hubs or switches are installed, check all switches for damage. Any faulty switch could damage the entire network.
– In case you forgot the router password, try to get help from the manufacturer’s manual or contact your manufacturer.
– Try accessing the router from any other computer or notebook to see if the problem exists only with your computer or with all.
– If you are using a wireless device or router (Wi-Fi router), then make sure you are receiving enough signals.

If the problem still exists, it is better to seek help from your professional technician to solve the problem.